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Cleaning and Restoring Your Typewriter



If you plan to restore your antique typewriter, the first thing that you’ll need is a repair manual.  There are good ones at the bottom of this page on the Classic Typewriter Website

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, here are some basic things that you’ll want to have on hand to begin your  cleaning and restoration. 

  • Air compressor or canned air for blowing out dirt
  • Soft Rags for cleaning and applying oil
  • Use sewing machine oil to learn your typewriter
  • soft bristle brushes for delicate brush and hard bristle brush for other area.

Many times, if your typewriter is in good condition, a good cleaning can fix a lot of problems. Here’s a image of a good basic typewriter cleaning from the Classic Typewriter Page.

If your typewriter requires more work and/or parts. Here are some links to various websites with great restoration information. 

General Typewriter Restoration

Secrets of Restoring Portable Typewriters

Purchase typewriter Decals

Finally, if you can't figure it out and need some help, try the typewriter group on yahoo.  The folks there are sooo helpful and knowledgable.  

Need some professional help?  Please fill free to contact us if you need help with your Oliver Typewriter.  But if you need help with a different model, here's a list of world-wide typewriter repair men-Courtesy of The Classic Typewriter Repair Page.

Typewriter-Specific Help

Remington Typewriters

How to Repair a Remington Typewriter

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