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About the Underwood Typewriter Company

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The Underwood family started out by making typewriter ribbons for Remington. In 1895, John T Underwood founded the Underwood Typewriter Company in New York and began making typewriters.

The first Underwood typewriters were designed by, Frank Wagner, a German-American inventor. John T. Underwood purchased the Wagner Typewriter Company in 1895 for Wagner’s design and knowledge. The very first Underwood 1 and 2 typewriters even had the Wagner Typewriter Co. logo imprinted on the back.

The Underwood No. 5 typewriter was introduced in 1900 and sold over two million typewriters by 1920. The No. 5 was described as the “first truly modern typewriter.” The Underwood No. 5 typewriter out sold all its competitors for the first two decades of the 20th century. After the 1920s, the Underwood Typewriter Company began a long period of decline. In 1927, it merged with the Elliot-Fischer company and lasted through two world wars, but was purchased by Olivetti in 1959.

Many famous writers including William Faulkner, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway used Underwood typewriters.

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