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About the Remington Typewriter Company


remington-typewriter-history.jpgDid you know that Remington could lay claim to being the company that created the very first typewriter, back in the 1870s? One of the earliest users of the typewriters produced by the company was none other than Mark Twain. History disputes whether he was actually the first writer to produce a typewritten manuscript to send to his publisher, but he was certainly one of the first. The price of those early Remington typewriters would have cost between $75 and $150 at the time. A considerable sum in those days!

In total, more than two-dozen different main versions of the Remington typewriter were produced over the years. The company first started life as E Remington and Sons, taking the name of the man who founded the company way back in 1816. It would be nearly sixty years before they manufactured the first Remington typewriter. In the meantime they were responsible for designing and making Remington rifle barrels. 

Remington is notable as a brand of typewriter for the simple fact that their first two typewriters had features that are still in use today on every single computer keyboard in the world. The very first typewriter they created was known as the Sholes and Glidden typewriter. It was Sholes who was credited with inventing the typewriter as we know it today, and he also came up with the QWERTY layout that we are all familiar with. This first Remington typewriter featured this layout.

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